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“There is a level of enthusiasm for Pilates that I don’t think exists in other studios. You do things you would never think your body can do!”

– Margaret Kelch, Retrofit client since 2000.

It’s a Leap Year!

Monday, February, 2024

I get very excited when I realize it’s a Leap Year. I’m not sure why, but that extra day feels like a bonus. What will I do with those extra 24 hours? I tend to associate February with the heart–Valentine’s Day, family, self-care, and, of course, cardiovascular health. I think we can all agree that […]

Why can it feel so hard to get started with an exercise program?

Wednesday, January, 2024

Why can it feel so hard to get started with an exercise program? We can imagine ourselves happily going to class, feeling energized and strong, doing things with our bodies that might have seemed impossible, but when it’s time to sign up, or show up, or pony up, we balk. There are a number of […]

Pilates Can… Help You Reduce Stress

Friday, December, 2023

Pilates Can… Help You Reduce Stress Friends, I have to confess: I’m dealing with a lot of stress right now. I bet a lot of you are dealing with stress, too. The last few months have been a wild ride of elder care, kids moving home and then away again, kids starting college, family health […]

Pilates Can… Help You Touch Your Toes

Wednesday, November, 2023

Pilates Can… Help You Touch Your Toes We’ve made it to November, which means it’s our anniversary month–Happy 24th Retrofit! A time for celebration and reflection. I’m happy to say that this is the year I’ve returned to The Mat. Not that I’ve ever truly been away from the Pilates mat repertoire, since I teach […]

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