Barbara Grant

Its gonna be good.

Founder and Director
Master Instructor
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Balanced Body Faculty Member

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Kirsten Boorman

Everything in moderation but everything

Retrofit Master Instructor

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Jillian Bothwell

Life is technique, keep moving forward.

Retrofit Master Instructor, 2007

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Ana Cukic

Tune into your own body and its needs because it's all about you!

Retrofit Senior Instructor, 2011



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Barbara Czyzowski

Move better, be stronger, feel great!

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2017



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Pam Ferguson

Small Shifts = Big Gains

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2015

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Shawn Haines-Shanahan

Progress not perfection.

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2015

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Maura Lendon

Discover Ability

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2014



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Minaqua McDade

Enjoy balancing strength with flexibility.

Retrofit Master Instructor, 2002
PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher

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Carrie Lynn Nieves

Balance is everything.

Retrofit Master Instructor, 2003

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Helene Reid

I find strength In Movement.

Retrofit Certified Instructor 2018

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Ruth Ruttan

Creative. Passionate. Bold.

Education Co-ordinator
Retrofit Master Instructor, 2007
Balanced Body Faculty Member 2014


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Isabella Szymonowicz

Growth and ease

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2017


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Joanna Webb

What is your body telling you? Are you listening? It’s time for Pilates!

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2017



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