This weekend we are celebrating Retrofit Pilates 15th Anniversary with a gala party. My colleagues and I are wearing fabulous gowns and even more fabulous shoes. We have invited all of our clients and supporters to celebrate with us. There will be food and drink, music and dancing, prizes and performances, fun and frivolity.

Most importantly there will be the opportunity to congratulate our clients, our team and each other on a job well done. And to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us over these past 15 years.

By any measure a 15–year milestone is worth celebrating –whether in business, marriage, health. Yet still we are all reluctant to pat ourselves on the back. In the push to always do better, we often neglect to recognize what we have accomplished. We neglect to celebrate our successes because our eye is always on the pie in the sky – the thing not yet accomplished. We compare our successes to those of others and we don’t measure-up.

Not celebrating our success tells us we are not worthy. We are not good enough. Not celebrating confirms our belief that if we were truly successful we would have accomplished greater things. We would have achieved that elusive perfection we pursue.

We have instructors and clients who have been teaching and practicing Pilates with us since the first days we opened shop. Their dedication to their personal health and wellness and their loyalty to Retrofit Pilates deserves recognition and congratulations.

We also have clients and teachers who have been with us 10 years, five years, one year, one month. They are seeking every time they come into the studio to live a better life, to choose health, to choose positivity.

Every day is full of successes. Sometimes it’s a huge accomplishment just to get to your Pilates class, or to get to the end of your to-do list, or to close that client or finish that painting. We don’t need to throw a party for each small success, but isn’t it worthwhile to take a few minutes to acknowledge each accomplishment. Take a deep breath and say “good job.”


Retrofit Gala


Life is a series of small successes – in business, in health and fitness, in family. They add up. Each small success propels us forward toward the next success. Success, big or small, deserves to be recognized.

So throw a party! Bring out the bubbly or the herbal tea and raise a toast. Bake a cake. Put up balloons. Send flowers. Even if it’s just a party of two – celebrate. You deserve it.

Happy 15th Anniversary!