30-Day Pilates Progression

Introducing Barbara Grant’s new video-on-demand series,
30-Day Pilates Progression.

This series contains 30 separate video workouts including 10 Foundation level beginner classes, 10 Precision level intermediate classes, and 10 advanced level Power classes.
Complete the entire series as your own personal 30-Day Challenge. Or choose to practice the 10-class series of your desired level, at your pace, on your schedule.

• After just one class you will feel the difference Retrofit Pilates can make to you
• After 10 classes you will see the difference
• After 30 classes you will have a whole new outlook on life!

Increase your strength, agility, coordination and power.
Calm your mind, focus your energy and feel good all over again.

Each class ranges form 20-50 minutes and requires only a mat and a few small props and can be repeated over and over again. The series is your’s to keep and is accessible anytime.

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Barbara Grant
Founder & Director  Retrofit Pilates
Master Instructor