June Self-Care Celebration

Join us for a month of activities dedicated to self-care and self-compassion.
We figured everyone is feeling challenged enough these days. Instead of doing our usual June 30-day Challenge, we are celebrating 30 days of self-care and self-compassion.

How do you participate?
• Make a commitment to move every day. Join us daily for a Pilates class. Each class in June includes a short Restorative Movement Moment to help you feel restored and renewed.
• Reach out to friends, family, neighbours or us every day. We always love to chat with you online after class. Unmute and say hello!
• Get outside! Walk, stretch, see mindfully observe nature. It is the best antidote to screen time.
• Ask for help. Do you have questions about your Pilates program or about Mindfulness Meditation? Reach out at
• Want to learn how your favourite Retrofit Pilates professionals make self-care part of their lives? Check out our latest blog.
• Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular movement tips and motivation!

It’s A Self-Care Celebration!

Purchase a June Self- Care Celebration Pass to help support your Celebration.
30 Days of  Self-Care & Self-Compassion Includes:
• Unlimited online classes to inspire you to move every day!
• Live-streaming classes daily at all levels.
• Restorative Movement Moments included in all classes. Use these simple exercises anytime you need to release and unwind.
• Guided mindfulness meditation practices to support self-care and self-compassion. Explore a series of 5 short, accessible and easy to follow guided mindfulness meditation practices, pre-recorded and available to access online anytime all month.
• Encouragement and support from the Retrofit Community

$99+ tax
Free for Online Unlimited Members with your June autopay.