One-On-One Instruction

Over the past few months, many of our clients have been trying to decide if it is worth it to begin private training sessions online via zoom or another digital interface. The resounding response has been yes! In fact, some clients have been so happy with their online private sessions they have asked if they will be able to continue them after the quarantine is over, when they are up at the cottage or travelling for work.

Retrofit instructors bring the same knowledge, care and creativity to their online privates as they do to in-studio sessions. We can still get up close and personal with verbal instructions, physical demonstrations and propping for tactile feedback.

Of course, you don’t have access to all the fabulous Pilates equipment, but there is so much we can do with small props. We can even arrange to have Retrofit props and equipment made available to you to use at home.

It will be November 6th if not longer before we will be seeing clients in the studio. Don’t wait! And don’t let your fitness and health progress get sidelined just because you can’t get to the studio. Email us today and we will get you started online with your favourite Retrofit instructor.