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Touching Base with Jillian Bothwell


Barbara Grant on Daytime Toronto

Pilates for Golf, Tennis and Gardening. Barbara Grant shares some great exercises to get ready for spring on Daytime Toronto.

Home & LongTerm Care

“If you have a family member, friend or loved one who needs to get back on their feet after physical therapy or rehabilitation, Pilates can be helpful.”

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Barbara Grant with SiriusXM Canada

Daytime Toronto with Barbara Grant, Rogers TV

Watch Barbara Grand and 14-year Retrofit PIlates veteran Robert Spence discuss the benefits of Pilates for men on Rogers Daytime:

Healthy Living Magazine: Unwinding the Spine

“Your back is killing you. It is so tight and sore all the way up one side you can barely turn to look back over one shoulder. Driving is a challenge. Playing golf makes it worse. Forget yard work or shoveling snow.

You ask your doctor about the pain. She orders an X-Ray and reports your back looks fine – no arthritis, no herniated discs. She tells you your back muscles are in spasm and prescribes rest and anti-inflamatories. She mentions, by the way, “you have scoliosis.”

Scoliosis? What the heck does that mean? What is it? How did I get it? Is this causing my back pain or is my back pain causing my scoliosis? What can I do about it?

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6 ways Pilates can help expectant and new moms

“Pregnancy, childbirth, and the never-ending needs of a new baby place incredible physical and emotional demands on a woman. Committing to a specific Pilates program pre- and post-natal will do wonders to alleviate the back, hip, and shoulder pain that often accompanies pregnancy and new motherhood. Not to mention Pilates’ positive impact on the stubborn weight gain, the fog, and the fatigue. Here are six ways Pilates can help both expectant and new mothers.”

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The Top 4 Ways That Pilates Can Improve Your Overall Health

“When we think of the benefits of Pilates we often think strong abs and a toned backside. But there’s much more to Pilates than a whittled waistline. Check out what else Pilates can do for you to improve your overall health and make you feel better.”

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Pilates for Golf

” We all know Pilates is great for toning our abs and strengthening our core. But did you know that Pilates will dramatically improve your golf game?

Golf, like many sports, requires repeating the same essential movements over and over which often results in muscular imbalances throughout the body. Certain muscles get over-worked and tight and others weaken. This increases your risk of injury. It also decreases your stamina, your performance, and your enjoyment of the game.”

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Taking care of mom with Mommy Connections

“An exercise program that focuses on your needs and goals, with a trainer that can support and inspire you will give you the mental and physical energy you need to parent. It will make you feel better about the way you look.  It will help you recover. It will bring you come back to a place where your body and mind belong to you again”.

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Top 10 Ways to improve your customer base

“If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely on the lookout for new customers on a fairly regular basis. After all, having a steady stream of interested parties who become paying clientele is the benchmark of a successful business. Whether you’re in a service industry, retail or otherwise, there are some tried and true methods for expanding and keeping your customer base evolving”

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From Startup to Successful

“These days, the key to a business’ profitability is based on a number of factors, many of which, though obvious, are often overlooked by those starting out. With a precarious economy and less dollars available from consumers, potential customers and suppliers, small business owners need to be even more strategic than ever in order to build their business into a profitable and viable enterprise.

Following are six key strategies that entrepreneurs can employ that will result in the realization of consistent revenue and ongoing success”

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Pilates for Every Age

“We all love Pilates for whittling our waists and creating strength, flexibility and tone in our entire body. But as we travel through the various stages of our life, our fitness focus changes”

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Blog TO says:

“The vibe here is fun, and the use of lots of props makes the workouts accessible to all levels. Traditional and specialized classes (like Yoga Fusion and Bikini Bootcamp) fill the 7-day schedule. Clients know each other by name, and staffers encourage bringing a friend”

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