Precision Mat Online and In-studio
(Level 2: Moderate)

Focus on form and precision with a work-out of traditional and contemporary Mat exercises. Deepen your mind-body connection and build whole-body strength from the inside out.

Power Mat Online
(Level 3: Intense)
Create a strong and powerful core with a full-body workout that combines the best from the traditional Mat repertoire along with some fun twists and creative challenges. Be ready to move and sweat!

Strong Spines Online
(Level 1: Gentle)
Increase strength, stability and balance with Pilates exercises that are safe and effective for everyone. Includes strength and balance exercises seated or standing with a straight back dining -room style chair, along with gentle exercises on a mat.

Reformer on the Mat Online
(Level 2-3: Moderate +)
Creative Reformer variations with props on the Mat provide a challenging workout for upper and lower body, the core and the abs. Restorative stretching and focused breathing leaves you calm and refreshed.

30-Minute Pilates Express Online
(Level 2: Moderate)
Get strengthened and lengthened and feel great with this 30-minute full-body flow of classical and contemporary Pilates.

Restorative Pilates Online
(Level 1: Gentle)

Return your body to its ideal alignment, energy and postural health with a series of gentle and effective stretching, strengthening, and mindfulness exercises.

Hips, Thighs & Backsides Online
(Level 2: Moderate)

Build balance and booty with a 30-min standing series that challenges your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Cardio Sculpt Online
(Level 3: Intense)

Combine intermediate and advanced abdominal exercises with lots of “buns and thighs” work and cardio intervals for a fun, dynamic workout to get your sweat on and leave you feeling great.