Therapeutic & Restorative

GENTLE FLOW (All Levels Mat)
Invite yourself to slow down and pay attention to the way you move. Use breath awareness and gentle whole-body movements to reduce tension, improve your balance and coordination and refresh your mind-body connections.

RESTORATIVE (All Levels Mat)
Return your body to its ideal alignment, energy and postural health with a series of gentle and effective stretching, strengthening, and mindfulness exercises.

STRONG SPINES (Beginner/Intermediate Reformer)
Keep doing what you love to do! Increase whole-body strength, stability and balance with Pilates exercises that are safe and effective for individuals with spinal conditions, disc issues, arthritis, or bone density concerns.

BALANCE & AGILITY (All level Springboard/Chair/Bodhi)
Increase lower body strength and improve balance and agility in this mixed apparatus workout combining standing and sitting exercises. Studies indicate lower-body strength training helps prevent memory loss and lowers dementia risk, allowing you to continue to navigate life’s ever-shifting terrain both physically and mentally.