CIRCUIT (Beginner/Intermediate level Springboard/Chair/Bodhi)
Create a symphony of strength and power in your hips, spine and shoulders with a workout using the Pilates, Chair, Springboard, Bodhi Suspension, BOSU, MOTR and more.

SPRINGBOARD (Intermediate level Springboard)
Multi-dimensional spring resistance challenges your core stabilizers while strengthening and toning your whole body.

BALANCE & AGILITY (All Level Springboard/Bodhi/Chair)
Increase lower body strength and improve balance and agility in this mixed apparatus workout combining standing and sitting exercises. Studies indicate lower-body strength training helps prevent memory loss and lowers dementia risk, allowing you to continue to navigate life’s ever-shifting terrain both physically and mentally.

Use the Bodhi Suspension system to sculpt your body with the perfect combination of balance and strength. This 40- minute full-body workout incorporates exercises on the Bodhi, Bosu and bands and finishes with an optional 15-minutes of blissful stretch and release work.