CORE PRINCIPLES (Beginner Reformer)
Build a solid foundation of core strength, stability and flexibility with fundamental Pilates exercises and movement principles on the Reformer. The perfect place to start your Pilates training!

STRONG SPINES (Beginner/Intermediate Reformer)
Keep doing what you love to do! Increase whole-body strength, stability and balance with Pilates exercises that are safe and effective for individuals with spinal conditions, disc issues, arthritis, or bone density concerns.

PRECISION REFORMER (Intermediate Reformer)
Increase whole-body strength, stability and flexibility with traditional and contemporary exercises on the Reformer.

CARDIO JUMP (Intermediate Reformer)
Keep to the beat on the Reformer Jump Board with the a great workout of muscle training, cardio-conditioning and full-body core strengthening. Fun and challenging!

CARDIO BURN (Intermediate Reformer)
No time for an hour-long class? Try our new 40-minute Cardio Burn workout that will raise your heart rate and trim and tone your entire body. Get in and get it done or stick around for a 10-minute cool-down stretch. Either way you will leave feeling refreshed and revitalized!
POWER REFORMER (Advanced Reformer)
Creative and challenging! The increasingly sophisticated and complex exercise patterns on the Reformer make your body and mind powerful and focused.