Group Class Descriptions

Retrofit Online Class Descriptions

Core Principles Mat
(Level 1: Gentle)

Build a solid foundation of core strength, stability and flexibility with fundamental Pilates exercises and movement. The perfect place to start or deepen your Pilates experience.


Precision Mat
(Level 2: Moderate)

Focus on form and precision with a work-out of traditional and contemporary Mat exercises. Deepen your mind-body connection and build whole-body strength from the inside out.


Power Mat
(Level 3: Intense)

Create a strong and powerful core with a full-body workout that combines the best from the traditional Mat repertoire along with some fun twists and creative challenges. Be ready to move and sweat!


Strong Spines in a Chair
(Level 1: Gentle)

Increase strength, stability and balance with Pilates exercises that are safe and effective for everyone. Includes strength and balance exercises seated or standing with a straight back dining -room style chair, along with gentle exercises on a mat.


Reformer on the Mat
(Level 2-3: Moderate +)

Creative Reformer variations on the Mat provide a challenging workout for upper and lower body, the core and the abs. Restorative stretching and focused breathing leaves you calm and refreshed.


30-Minute Pilates Express
(Level 2: Moderate)
Get strengthened and lengthened and feel great with this 30-minute full-body flow of classical and contemporary Pilates.


Restorative Pilates
(Level 1: Gentle)

Return your body to its ideal alignment, energy and postural health with a series of gentle and effective stretching, strengthening, and mindfulness exercises.


Cardio Core
(Level 2: Moderate)

Tone your legs, butt and thighs and strengthen your core with this creative combination of standing Pilates and cardio intervals. Move to the music to build heart health, full body strength, balance and agility.


Hips, Thighs & Backsides
(Level 2: Moderate)

Build balance and booty with a 30-min standing series that challenges your strength, flexibility and endurance. Stick
around for a cool down rolling out with the foam roller.


Body Sculpt
(Level 3: Intense)

Combine intermediate and advanced abdominal exercises with lots of “buns and thighs” work and cardio intervals for a fun, dynamic workout to get your sweat on and leave you feeling great.


BABY & Me (Postnatal Mat)
Master Instructor and Doula, Ruth Ruttan leads you through a fun and effective baby- friendly workout. Restore your mind-body health after pregnancy, for child-rearing, and beyond.


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