Realize the profound benefits of Pilates with one-on-one training sessions.

Get maximum results from an individualized program designed specifically for your body's strengths, weaknesses and training goals. Our professional Pilates trainers use posture, gait and movement analysis to address issues of injury, post-rehabilitation or athletic performance. Work out on your schedule with the trainer of your choice. Stay motivated and keep moving forward!


Book with a Master Instructor

Master Instructors have extensive post-certification training and faculty designations and have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience.

Book with a Senior Instructor

Senior Instructors have advanced or specialized certification and have been teaching for a minium of 6 years.

Book with a Certified Instructor

Certified Instructors have completed comprehensive training and have been teaching for up to 5 years. Each hold a certification from an internationally recognized Teacher Training Program as well as additional specialized training.