Group Classes


Feel better. Look great. Keep doing what you love to do!

Choose from our robust schedule of  in-studio &  live-stream online classes each week.

Finding time for your health isn’t always easy, but we are here to help you create space for your practice wherever you are, and however you wish to move. Movement, after all, is medicine. Our daily practice helps bring us back into our bodies, and our studio offers a lifetime of movement literacy to each and every member interested in truly living in the body they are in.

At Retrofit Pilates, we take an intuitive approach to movement that ensures every member taps into the power of an enhanced mind-body connection, an engaged and supportive community, and a movement program designed to give you a foundation for life. Our classes are low-impact and transformative for all levels, and aim to reconnect us with each other (and with ourselves) at a time when connection is so incredibly important.


Explore the magnificence of the Pilates Reformer. This unique and specific workout will retrofit your body to move with grace, strength, precision and balance.

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The ultimate mind-body workout connects you to your breath and your centre , calms your mind and builds strength, coordination, concentration, power and grace.

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Discover the benefits, challenge and joyful movement of the full range of Pilates equipment with creative workouts on the Springboard, Chair, Bodhi, BOSU and more!

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Retrofit makes me feel better. For the past few years I have been completely free of back pain. The studio is so bright and in such a good location close to the subway. I can go straight to work after my early morning class.

– Robert Spence, Retrofit client since 2003.