10 ways to make the most of summer!

It’s the dog days of summer and hopefully you are getting a well-deserved break from your usual routine. Whether your enjoying long weekends at the cottage, summer holidays away from home or evenings and weekends wandering the city streets and festivals, the long days and hot weather invite us to slow down and savour this short season.

Check out my 10 best suggestions for making the most of the rest of the summer.

1. Get up a little earlier and enjoy the morning light. Begin each day with a 5 or 10–minute meditation followed by a great cup of coffee.

2. Go outside everyday.

3. Nap in the shade or in the dark during the hottest part of the day.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Wear shorts and sleeveless tops and summer dresses because you are perfect just the way you are.

6. Eat local, seasonal fruits and vegetables because they taste great and they are fleeting.

7. Watch summer storms from your front porch. Better yet, dance in the rain.

8. Cool off in the water everyday – pool, lake, ocean, or bathtub.

9. Eat outside as often as possible. Make simple meals of vegetables, protein and bread, and walk or cycle to the park or the beach for a picnic. Go home the long way and enjoy the late evening light.

10. Eat ice cream and share it with someone you love.

Slow down… Take a breath… Be in the moment.