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“There is a level of enthusiasm for Pilates that I don’t think exists in other studios. You do things you would never think your body can do!”

– Margaret Kelch, Retrofit client since 2000.

Pilates Will…. Help Reduce Back Pain

Tuesday, February, 2023

  Pilates will… Help Reduce Back Pain Your lower back regularly aches after a long day at work, so after a month or so you visit a physiotherapist and the recommendation is? Try Pilates. You have two young kids and your days are spent chasing after them, picking up toys, playing on the floor, and […]

Pilates WILL help improve your balance & Agility

Friday, January, 2023

… and I am going to tell you How! Honestly! People often share the benefits of Pilates in terms that might feel vague to the uninitiated: You’ll strengthen your core! You’ll develop long, lean muscles! But real talk here? Pilates WILL help improve your balance. Pilates WILL help increase your agility. and I am going […]

Why can it feel so hard to get started with an exercise program?

Friday, December, 2022

I want to get started with Pilates but…. Sound familiar? It’s hard to get started with a new exercise program. But every barrier has a solution! 1. I don’t have time One of the most common reasons cited for not starting a new fitness program is a lack of time. If that sounds familiar, try […]

My Wish for You is to Celebrate

Wednesday, November, 2022

I confess that a lot of my time is spent checking things off an ever growing To Do List. That doesn’t change when it comes to the end of the year and the holidays. Coordinating visits with family and friends, planning meals–both the everyday and the very special variety, sending mail and packages, baking cookies […]

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