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“There is a level of enthusiasm for Pilates that I don’t think exists in other studios. You do things you would never think your body can do!”

– Margaret Kelch, Retrofit client since 2000.

Pilates can improve your game

Wednesday, May, 2023

How many of you out there started Pilates because an injury was preventing you from enjoying something else? Of course, there are plenty of people who are drawn to Pilates because of what they see or hear, but I’m sure there are a number of you who tried your first Pilates class at the recommendation […]

What Does it Mean to Dig Deep?

Saturday, April, 2023

I was on the bike, climbing the last big hill near the end of spin class, and my legs felt like lead, so heavy as I tried to push through to the end of the song. Every 15 seconds the instructor called out for us to add a little more resistance, to shift our hips […]

Pilates Will…. Change your Life for the Better

Sunday, April, 2023

Pilates will… Change your Life for the Better. As the snow melts and hopefully disappears until next winter, many of us eagerly welcome longer days, sunshine, the first tulips pushing through the dirt, and other signs of spring. It’s much easier to find the motivation to move when you don’t require several layers, heavy boots, […]

Pilates Will…. Help Reduce Back Pain

Tuesday, February, 2023

  Pilates will… Help Reduce Back Pain Your lower back regularly aches after a long day at work, so after a month or so you visit a physiotherapist and the recommendation is? Try Pilates. You have two young kids and your days are spent chasing after them, picking up toys, playing on the floor, and […]

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