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Retrofit for Life

At Retrofit Pilates we believe in movement education that is effective, dynamic, empowering and fun. We believe that when we connect mind to body, we are capable of creative, adventurous living. We give you the tools you need to build strength from the inside out so you can feel better and do more. We give you the confidence you need to live actively and joyfully in the body you have.

Established in 1999 by professional dancer Barbara Grant, Retrofit has grown into one of Toronto’s foremost Pilates studios and Balanced Body authorized International Teacher Training Centre.

With a talented team of highly experienced instructors, we are equipped to serve the broadest possible range of clients with diverse needs, goals and fitness tastes including fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, expectant moms, and individuals in active recovery post-injury or post-surgery.

No matter what your fitness level, absolutely everyone keen to lead an active life free of pain and restriction can reach their goals with our programs. You can work one-on-one with a Pilates trainer or try one of over 70 weekly group classes.


Strength in the freedom to move.

Retrofit Master Instructor

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Move better, be stronger, feel great!

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2017

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Its gonna be good.

Founder and Director
Master Instructor
NCPT® Certified Pilates Teacher
Balanced Body Faculty Member

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Carrie Lynn Nieves

Balance is everything.

Retrofit Master Instructor, 2003

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I find strength In Movement.

Retrofit Certified Instructor 2018

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Growth and ease

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2017

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Life is technique, keep moving forward.

Retrofit Master Instructor, 2007

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Joanna Webb

What is your body telling you? Are you listening? It’s time for Pilates!

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2017

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I enjoy the ‘AHA’ moments that people have when they discover they are able to do something they didn’t think possible.

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2013

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Minaqua McDade

Enjoy balancing strength with flexibility.

Retrofit Master Instructor, 2002
PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher

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Pilates keeps you doing what you love

Retrofit Certified Instructor, 2015

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I enjoy blending contemporary exercises with the classical repertoire.

Body Harmonics Certified Instructor 2017

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Ruth Ruttan

Creative. Passionate. Bold.

Education Co-ordinator
Retrofit Master Instructor
STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor
Balanced Body Faculty Member

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Shawn Haines-Shanahan

Progress not perfection.

Retrofit Senior Instructor

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Felicia Kwang

Studio Manager

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