Back in the Habit

No matter how many years go by, for me, the end of summer is clearly marked by Labour Day. After the long weekend, I can practically smell the chalkboards and new shoes of Back to School. But it’s a mental shift, more than anything, that gets me back into routine, back into certain habits. While it’s healthy to take a break and enjoy some quiet, some fun, some relaxation during the summer, it can feel challenging to change gears when our work, family, and extra-curricular lives start to pick up steam.

In my case, I’ve found accountability helps, especially when I’m creating a new habit. A workout buddy, a regular class at the same time each week, a trainer to keep me on track–these are all ways I find it easier to uphold a commitment to myself. Even speaking my goals aloud makes it a little more likely that I’ll keep them in focus. I like using a running app that sends me timely reminders to keep me on my training trajectory, but more importantly, I choose activities–including Pilates–that I genuinely enjoy. It makes it a lot easier to stick with my fitness routine when I’m having a good time!

I also try not to bite off more than I can chew–I’ve experienced a lot more success building up endurance and strength over time than flipping a switch and going full tilt ahead. The last thing I want is an injury to set me back. Going from breezy August to structured September, when clients are returning en masse from vacation, new things are happening in the studio, my stepdaughter is back in school, and the weather is starting to change, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re at all like me, coordinating lunches and swimming lessons and social events along with my busy teaching schedule and my partner’s equally hectic work commitments, it’s tough to hold space for an evening class or a personal training session. Occasionally, my partner and I have hard conversations about what we need as individuals–trading off dinner prep on certain days, adjusting our schedules to accommodate a workout, or finding activities we can do together that check off multiple boxes.

Getting back in the habit takes some desire, and a little planning, but Retrofit is here for you, with a variety of classes from early morning to evening, our online platform, and one-on-one training if you’re interested in some personal attention and goal setting. Let’s do this together!

Pam Ferguson
Retrofit Master Instructor
Lead Instructor/Operations Associate