Hello to everyone in the Retrofit community! I miss you all.

 As many people have in these pandemic times, I’ve turned to cooking and baking as an outlet. My partner Max and I started baking bread together when we were first dating as a way to get to know each other. Now we tend to judge our bakes like they do on The Great British Baking Show though. At this point, with the heatwave we are making ice pops instead.

 After the first month of Stay-at-Home, I started doing Pilates with Max, not just solo. We hadn’t done that in a long time.

 There can be a fine balance between being “The Instructor” expecting him to do as I tell him, and him thinking I’m bossing him around as his partner. Generally I do my best to avoid doing that in our relationship — though he may argue otherwise.

 We often start with Standing Pilates, then do mat work and stretches. In the middle of one ab exercise Max said it was tough. I told him “My seniors do this.” He instantly said “Poor them!!” We both cracked up. He feels your (abdominal) pain folks!

 I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in the not too distant future. Be kind and take care of each other.

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