Carrie Lynn Nieves

Balance is everything.

Retrofit Master Instructor

Carrie Lynn Nieves first started taking Pilates as a way to stay fit and relieve stress while working in a corporate setting. Intrigued by its positive effects on her mind and body she certified to teach Pilates in 2002. In 2007-2008 she also qualified to teach 3-D Workout™, Levels I and II. She is now a 3-D Workout™ Professional Trainer and is responsible for the training and certification of new 3-D Workout instructors. Additionally, she holds ELDOA Level 2 certification which focuses on spine health. She is also a certified MELT Method Hand and Foot Instructor. Carrie Lynn enjoys working with a wide range of clientele. She has even developed exercises for toddlers and their caregivers in the Macaulay Child Development Centre’s Early Years Program. Her approach is to train the body and mind as a whole. Her aim is to impart to her clients the skills needed to meet all of life’s physical demands.

“All movement is a conversation between your body and brain. So don’t just train hard, train smart!”

Counterbalance Studio Pilates Mat and Equipment
3-D Workout™ Levels I and II, Developmental Movement and Injury Prevention
3-D Workout™ Pro-Trainer
ELDOA Level 2, Back Pain Specialty
MELT Method™ Hand and Foot Instructor