I enjoy blending contemporary exercises with the classical repertoire.

Retrofit Senior Instructor

My passion for sports and movement started as a child, I joined every activity I could, swimming, horseback riding, soccer, etc. I love challenging my strength and endurance, but as I got older and the list of minor injuries built up, I found myself caught in an injury cycle. Cutting back on sports was not an option, but I knew I needed to find a balance. Pilates was the magic I needed. It helped me heal while making me stronger.”


Pilates is the tool I continue to use to maintain a solid foundation to keep me running. Backed with a range of coaching experience from girls soccer to marathon clinics, in 2017 I completed my first Pilates certification with Body Harmonics. I continue to expand my movement education because I am passionate about promoting active living and helping people move better.


Body Harmonics and Power Pilates Certified Instructor
Retrofit Pilates Comprehensive Instructor