My Dearest Reformer

My Dearest Reformer,

It feels like ages since I gazed upon you, lunged alongside you or sat longbox upon my sits bones lengthening my spine and the crown of my head up to the sky.

I miss your long sleek carriage, your movable bits, and the endless positions we navigated together.  From long to short, straps to springs, boxes to boards your charms are endless (don’t get me started about your adjustable footbar!).  You straighten me out, stretch my world and remind me (and my serrates anterior) that you are the wind beneath my winging scapula.

Without you I felt lost,  YOU complete ME, and my Pilates routine.

Your PRECISION is the strong, steady lead in my Pilates dance. You showed me the curve of my low back, the arch of my foot, the strength of my left glute versus my right.  You helped me find my centred and most-balanced self starting from my bony landmarks through my core (and my being).  You taught me that it is not actually all about that bass, or the treble, but that movement is like a symphony… do you remember the music we made together?

Yes it’s true, you had me at “Short box Abdominals’.

I am counting the days until your endless repetitions POWER me up for a body reboot.  I will jump for joy upon your footboard,  I will arabesque with the best and delight in your often intimidating heights!  I miss pushing your carriage and you pulling me back with an extra red or two.  I’ll never be able to resist your heavier springs.  YOU MOVE ME…and my plank!  Yet I feel so stable in your world.  Even my pelvic girdle.  But now I am blushing.

My long lost Reformer…It seems like an eternity since we were together.  Unfortunately there are a few more curves and some extra wobbles these days.  More on the right then on the left.  I know you won’t judge.  But will you recognize me in my mask?  Will your straps feel the same with an extra layer of washable vinyl?  Will you transform me from an elephant to a mermaid one more time?

Please forgive me and the (beyond social) distance of the last few months (and all these cliches)… I beg of you, will you complete my 2020???

For I’m just a girl standing in front of a reformer, asking you to love me in a sanitized kind of way.  Cause, when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with one piece of exercise equipment, believe it or not, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Undying love and lunges until we are together again,

Certified Pilates Instructor
Retrofit Pilates