Quarantine Gratitude

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This time of quarantine and isolation has offered many of us time for self-reflection. This coupled with the tragic events of the last few weeks have given me the chance to really appreciate how lucky I am. For the things I don’t worry about. For that which I do have. For my health. For those whom I love and who love me back. I’m sharing with you today my “quarantine gratitude”.


Like many with older parents, my Mom lives in a retirement home – which adopted strict quarantine protocols, so I haven’t been able to hug my Mom in four months. My Mom’s pretty chill about it; it is harder on me I think. Our regular “visits” became window waves with me climbing over the shrubbery to get close to the window, or me yelling hello through my mask from outside the entryway. We are now permitted to have outside visits at a distance with masks. To continue visiting I now get Covid tested every two weeks and I am thankful to have access to free testing this often. I’m so grateful that Mom and her residence have been safe so far (fingers crossed!). And I really look forward to a hug with my Mom when we are safe to do so.


I’m lucky to have an amazing group of friends in various geographies. In some ways, physical distancing, coupled with technology, has actually allowed us to get together more often now than before. The nature of our get togethers has inevitably transformed – and now our weekly “quarantini” time, our driveway drop-ins, and our video dinners are essentials. We have celebrated with Zoom birthday parties and we welcomed the “quarantine chic” dress code (ie. t-shirt and shorts or joggers). Last week a few of us tried a backyard dinner. We’re all cautious, so my friend used his tape measure for seating – it is so easy to slip into our habits of getting closer without even realizing it!


Like so many, I have been eating more. I love to cook and bake for others so my quarantine cuisine soon became food exchanges with friends. Black bean soup swapped for calzone, rosemary olive oil bread for semolina, shortbread for sticky toffee pudding. Now I know why the “Quarantine 15” became a thing! Since beer is like food (yes?!), I also found several local microbreweries that deliver beer to help with revenues. Cinnamon Coffee Porter, Blood Orange Sour, and a Guava Gose with Coriander and Sea Salt are highlights! Cheers!


Even fun is different now, but I’m grateful for the fun. I started a weekly stretch/release session for friends, to help with the tightness stemming from everyone’s new home “office”. A few months in and we’re still going strong. Each week, our session is punctuated with kids, dogs, cats, spouses, many of whom join our session as well. Well, the cats are less interested to be honest. I’ve enjoyed chatting “porch to porch” with my neighbours as we bang our pots, and my heart warms when the neighbour kids invite me to their bouncy castle – I wish I could join!


I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much joy I get from seeing so many of our clients’ faces each week in class. You are a big part of my gratitude. Thank you for your support as we work together to keep moving and motivated during this time. I hope each of you and your families stay safe and healthy, and that you have some time for fun (and food!) as well. See you by video soon!