S H A R E T H E L ❤️ V E.

The blank page feels daunting this month. What do we say after almost two years of pandemic living? What do we write, with so much uncertainty still in the air? Cycling through every emotion, I want to settle on feeling hopeful. Generous. Optimistic about the future. Everyone in the Retrofit community has so much to offer, and whether our interactions are in person or online, those regular touch points give meaning to our work, and to our days.

A lot of people reading this post REALLY love Pilates. When you find something that you enjoy, an interest or a passion, it’s natural to want to include the people closest to you. They’re not always going to jump on board–I learned the hard way trying to teach Pilates to my partner during my apprenticeship. You might only get one chance to win them over, but there are ways to give people a taste of the thing that you love without overwhelming them! Try not to throw them in the deep end–choose the right opportunity/class/instructor to give them a sweet introductory experience, and keep your expectations realistic. Even if they don’t immediately become a convert, Pilates is a fun pastime to share, and can prove extra useful when rehabbing an injury. Guess who my partner came to when his back was acting up?

This month, in celebration of Family Day, we’re encouraging our clients to share their love of Pilates with family and friends. Who have YOU turned on to Pilates? Have you shared Pilates with your spouse? Your kids? Your bestie? We’ll show you what that looks like for the staff at Retrofit, and we hope you’ll show us what that looks like for you, too! Keep an eye on the schedule for a Family Day pop-up class. And if you literally want to give the gift of Pilates, Retrofit can help you with that, too–gift cards and certificates for that special someone!

February is also Black History Month, and over the next few weeks we’re excited to share with you stories of first generation teacher, Kathy Grant, and other women of colour who were pioneers in the world of Pilates.

The recent snowfall may have you hunkering down for winter, and Omicron may force us all to keep a low profile, but whether we’re in the studio or meeting virtually, our hearts are still in it! Share the love!


Pam Ferguson
Retrofit Master Instructor
Lead Instructor/Operations Associate

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