21 days…let the countdown begin! This winter has felt particularly challenging–we’ve weathered cold and ice, more closures and contagions, and a challenging national conversation, but it feels like we might just be turning the corner. So here’s to springing into spring!

Joining me Blogside this month are Barbara Czyzowski and Joanna Webb, to talk about the joys of Springboard. The three of us are currently teaching Retrofit’s Springboard classes.

Pam: We can’t deny that the Reformer is the big draw in Pilates studios–clients really love the feeling of those workouts. But the Springboard deserves a lot more attention than it gets. The spring resistance is a totally different beast and learning to stabilise without the footbar is a real wake up call for what we call “the powerhouse”.

Barbara: I love the instability that the springs produce and how they really allow me to identify the role my core plays in Pilates–it’s not only the big global muscles that get challenged, it’s the obliques, the multifidi, the glute med!

Joanna: Teaching Springboard allows me to focus on the importance of stability in all our movement patterns. The wobbliness of the springs brings all those often underused stabilising muscles to life in a whole new way.

Pam: I also love that you can work in so many different planes of movement, playing with the pull of and the push against the springs, and you can achieve a much wider range of motion–think squats, lunges, side bends–with the support of that resistance. And you get so much feedback because the limbs are working independently!

Barbara: Yes, having each side work independently helps me be more aware of the difference between my left and right sides, not only my arms but my legs as well. And I love the push through bar! There are so many fun exercises with the bar that are completely different than on the Reformer, or just unique to the Springboard.

Joanna: There are endless options of exercises to both support and challenge clients. Plus, there are super fun circus-like moves on the Cadillac!

Ready to give Springboard a try? We’ve got you covered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

In addition to Springboard classes this month, we’ve got some updates to the schedule, some March Matness hijinks, and a spectacular offer for new clients. We’re also saying good-bye to some special people, including instructor, Lindsay Kinzinger, who made a big impact at the studio during a short time–we’ll miss you, Lindsay, and wish you well!

Here’s hoping the next time you hear from me there are tulips in bloom and sunny skies in the forecast! Spring forward, as they say! ~Pam

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