Certification and Test-Out

Congratulations! You are almost there!
Now that you have completed all Mat, and/or Reformer and/or Apparatus course work and hours, it is time to take the final written and practical exam to receive your certification from Balanced Body.

Please contact to book your online exam.

Online Instruction – approximately 2.5 hours

*Finishing time may vary depending on the number of candidates.

Download and complete the Test-out Application and forward it to Balanced Body.
Application must be submitted to Balanced Body a minimum of 30 days in advance of the test-out date.

 Test-out Application PDF Download

Upon approval, a registration link will be emailed to you. Once you are registered, further exam details will be made available for your preparation.
You can test-out for Mat, Mat and Reformer or Comprehensive. The test-out will consist of a one-hour written exam and a one-hour practical teaching exam. The written exam tests your knowledge of applied anatomy, Balanced Body Principles, Pilates history, theory and exercises. A “student” will be provided for your practical exam. If you are testing-out in a group exam you may be required to participate as a “student” for another trainee.

Want to schedule an individual test-out?

2020 Test -Out Fees

 Group  Individual
Mat  195  260
Reformer (includes Mat+ Reformer)  260  325
Comprehensive  290 365

All fees in Canadian dollar and subject to HST.