Movement Principles

Faculty: Barbara Grant

Movement Principles
-Hybrid (Online & In-Person Instruction)
The entry point into Balanced Body Teacher Training is the Movement Principles Course. This course is designed for both new and experienced instructors to refine their understanding of the body in motion. The Movement Principles provide practical tools for observing, analyzing and improving movement by gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics and optimum movement patterns.

Movement Principles is the prerequisite for the Balanced Body Pilates Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive program and the heart of the Balanced Body Movement Specialist Certification. Take it to become a truly transformative instructor.
PMA/Balanced Body CEC: 16

Instructor: Barbara Grant
Cost: $755. + tax (includes manual, $90. value)

The fall 2023 Movement Principles course has been completed. Please check back for 2024 group class dates. Want to schedule custom online Movement Principles Teacher Training for your group? Custom training schedules can be arranged. Contact for more information.

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