The Power of a Compliment

Compliments are so easy to give. And so powerful. They are almost guaranteed to engender a smile. Compliments are little acts of kindness wrapped up in sparkly tissue paper tied with a bow! They are as good to give as they are to receive.


You look fantastic!

I love your outfit!


I came across a social post recently, where a person offered an apology for every time she called one of her followers or friends pretty. She commented it would have been more generous if she had called them resilient or extraordinary.


Sure. Maybe. But I kinda call bullshit on that. Offering a compliment on the way someone looks does not negate the myriad admirable characteristics the receiver possesses. Because sometimes we are not extraordinary or resilient. Some days we just choose to put on our favorite blue shirt or decide to let our hair go grey.


When freely given, without expectation of something in return, a compliment is an expression of kindness meant to bring joy.


Life is and has been for several months exhausting and lonely. Our bubbles are small and in some-cases almost non-existent. Some of us are lucky enough to be with our family every day. Except that we are with our family. All the time. Every day.


I see people mostly on zoom now. Little tiny faces on little tiny screens. It’s hard to connect. The nuance of gesture and facial expression are impossible to perceive. The conference-like setting understandably makes folks hesitant to chat.


Do you know what helps? Compliments!


That colour looks great on you!

I love your hair!

What a beautiful home!


I am so grateful for texts and email I receive telling me how much our Retrofit community means to people, especially now. Let’s tell each other.


Let’s give the gift of kindness his Holiday season. Let’s give a shout out and a great review to local small businesses. Let’s literally shout out to our neighbours. Let’s unmute and reach across the great divide of little tiny faces on little tiny screens. Not sure what to say?


Give someone a compliment. Perform a little act of kindness wrapped up in sparkly tissue paper tied with a bow! It will make everyone’s day!


Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

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