Why can it feel so hard to get started with an exercise program?

Why can it feel so hard to get started with an exercise program?

We can imagine ourselves happily going to class, feeling energized and strong, doing things with our bodies that might have seemed impossible, but when it’s time to sign up, or show up, or pony up, we balk. There are a number of familiar barriers to getting started, but every objection, each obstacle, has a solution.


  • You don’t have time

One of the most common reasons cited for not starting a new fitness program is a lack of time. Work days are too long? Kids need too much of your time? Between all of your obligations there just aren’t enough hours in the day? If that sounds familiar, try this: monitor your schedule for a week and look for just three spots when you could potentially fit in an online class, a private session, or a studio class. Just three possibilities. And start from there.

  • It’s too expensive

With the cost of living going up all the time, you’re already tightening your belt when it comes to extra expenditures. A studio membership or ongoing private sessions are more than you can afford. No problem! Retrofit has some low cost entryways to a regular Pilates practice, including our VOD library, our 30-Day Pilates Progression, or 4 studio classes a month for $110. Kickstart your journey with our Pilates Personalized package of 3 Private sessions.

  • You need to get fit first

You want to try Pilates, but you believe you need to get in shape or lose weight or build more strength first. That’s a myth! Pilates is where you can start to improve your fitness level or build more strength. At Retrofit Pilates, we meet you where you are, whether you’re starting with private sessions, in one of our essential level classes, or joining us online. Focus on form, precision, and building a mind body connection, the foundations of a solid practice.

  1. You feel intimidated

You’ve walked by the studio many times but the equipment is completely foreign to you, and the classes are full of people who already know what they’re doing. But every client and instructor has been exactly where you are now: starting Pilates for the first time. That’s why Retrofit offers specific classes and opportunities where you can comfortably be the newbie!

  • You lack support

You want to give Pilates a try, but your friends and family aren’t entirely on board. It’s a tough position to be in. On the other hand, you may not know anyone at Retrofit now…but you will. Accountability partners can be essential to our success! Showing up to class is the best way to become a part of our community, forge new connections with other clients and instructors, and find your own personal cheerleaders.


I think it’s important to note that starting something brand new is exciting, and it’s easy to want to go all in, but it helps to be realistic about your commitment in the beginning. Trying to do too much too soon can lead to burnout. Manage your expectations and develop a routine, and if there’s space in your life to expand that commitment, you can and will. We’re here to help you turn that wishful thinking into a lifelong habit. Happy New Year!

Pam Ferguson
Retrofit Master Instructor
Lead Instructor/Operations Associate

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