Why do you come to the studio and why do you keep coming back?

Last month, we talked about motivation, habits, and lifestyles when it comes to our collective Pilates practice. As we write this blog, It’s been about 21 days since the newsletter came out…just when it would be pretty easy to drop that habit in favour of sleeping in a little later on those dark, rainy mornings, or curling up on the couch in the evening instead of bundling up and heading to class, or hiding your mat in the closet once those backyard workouts are not longer as sunny and inviting.

What motivated you to exercise? What is it that brings you to the studio or makes you keep your online class appointment and what keeps you coming back for more? 

We all have different motivations for taking part, but typically, we’re drawn to people and places that share our core values.

At Retrofit Pilates we believe that life is best- lived when we love the body we are in and nurture a relationship of acceptance and active living.  Our goal is to create a welcome, inclusive space where we help you create sustainable habits. 

It takes 90 days to create a lifestyle. To paraphrase blogger Gina Alyse, author of What Kind of Lifestyle Are You Living?, a lifestyle is expressed in our work, behaviour, leisure and social patterns–it’s everything we repeatedly do. 

To truly create sustainable habits that lead to the lifestyle you believe you want, the lifestyle needs to resonate with your belief system and the effort required needs to be simple to execute. Going to in-studio Pilates classes every day, training for a marathon or eliminating all white food from your diet is extremely difficult. Doing a weekly 30-minute online class per week, walking 10 minutes daily or remembering to put your fork down between bites are much easier habits to fold into your current lifestyle. 

November holds a lot of promise for those of you who are looking for a deeper experience, as we expand our class offerings to make room for more clients. 

Everyone’s  needs and goals change throughout their lifetime. We are here with you every step of the way to guide, inspire, motivate and teach you in the process of realizing your goals.

See you soon!
Barbara & Pam

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